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BQE (Нидерланды)


bqe-125x25-3504BACK QUALITY ERGON. (BQE) -USA BV.BQE, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, has been a leading manufacturer and developer of Ergonomic Stools and Chairs and affiliated products for the last 25 years. We export to over 40 countries worldwide and entered the US market in 2008 with our US subsidiary company BQ Ergonomics LLC. Our aim is to contribute to a better quality of life by providing a unique and long-lasting solution for back and neck problems.

BQE Europe 

BQE was founded by the Dutchman Ernst Haaksma. After many years of experience as a physical therapist Mr. Haaksma decided to specialize in design, selection and supply of ergonomic solutions. BQE started out as the RUAC, the Back Training and Advisory Centre in The Hague, founded in 1988. BQE is a member of the Society of Ergonomics in the Netherlands (ARBO). The ARBO regulation is the Dutch standard for back injury prevention (primary prevention). BQ Ergonomics LLC is a sister company of the Back Quality Ergonomics Group with its headquarters in The Hague in The Netherlands, and services the North American market with its core facility located near Denver Colorado. BQE distinguishes itself from other companies in that it combines the specialized knowledge of the human body with specific products and custom-made advice. BQE is the market leader in ergonomic stools in the Netherlands and has dealerships in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Mission BQE

BQE wants to make a unique and long-lasting solution for back and neck problems caused by sitting work available for everyone, and in doing so make a contribution to a better quality of life. In addition it strives to decrease the unnecessary absence from work due to sickness and keep down the manageable costs of the health care in general. BQE Europe is a key player in the ergonomic products field in Europe, developed by combining scientific biomechanics expertise with superb customer support. BQ Ergonomics ambitiously strives to achieve the same position for the North American market.BQ Ergonomics LLC serves the North American market, with its facility located near Denver Colorado, and is a member of the Back Quality Ergonomics Group with its headquarters in The Hague in The Netherlands.

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